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Texting Questions to the Preacher While He is Preaching?

21 December 2008

It has been suggested by a couple of people that we encourage/allow people to text questions to me while I preach.  Some have even suggested that the text  imagemessage be projected onto the screen behind me (I can see a smaller screen in the back of the sanctuary).  I have thought it was an idea  that I would not necessarily want to do every Sunday, but might be interesting to try.  It would take a lot more technological savvy than I possess to project it on the screen than just to have the text messages handed to me at appropriate times.  It probably would take a video splitter (or whatever that machine is called). I’m not really sure where in the flow of the sermon a Q&A like this would work. I wouldn’t want to keep stopping to answer questions and I  certainly wouldn’t want a constant barrage of comments…applicable or not…flashing up on the screen distracting me. But just because I don’t see how the flow would work doesn’t mean that it should/could never happen.

Therefore, I found the following statistics interesting.  

Messaging Preferences by Age Group (% of Age Group)


Instant Messaging

SMS (Texting)






























(ExactTarget 10/08)

It shows the great disparity between listeners aged 34 and under and 35 and above when it comes to texting.  I am frankly surprised at how few IM-ers there are in each of the age groups.  I am equally surprised at the percentage of seniors who use e-mail.  That statistic is not really consistent with my experience, but my experience may be rather slanted.  If I were preaching in a predominantly young church or we had one service that was predominantly made up of people 35 & under, I think I would at least give it a shot.  Given where I am and how long I will still be here at this church, I don’t think it is going to happen. 

But interesting stats none the less. 

Is this something you would try?  Is this something you have done?  What do you think?

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3 Comments to “Texting Questions to the Preacher While He is Preaching?”

  1. Hey Cal. I have seen this done @ Marshill with Mark Driscol. You can check it out on one of his messages in his Song of Soloman series. Basically, he teaches for a period of time, and then he takes Q & A via text @ the end of his message. I am pretty sure that he has his MM team filter the questions vs. taking any text that comes his way. Overall, I thought it was a neat way to use technology & a great way to get people invovled. spt

  2. Does he do it on all of them, or is there a specific one I should check out? Thanks for the input.

  3. Pretty sure Driscoll does it every week after his talk. They actually featured him one night on the news here in Seattle a few months back for this very reason…kind of a "look at this guy's unconventional approach to church" type of feature.

    Matt hasn't tried this approach (texting during a sermon) at our church yet, but once or twice a year he devotes an entire Sunday morning sermon time to Q & A. People can either write their questions down and pass them in or text them in (filtered by a moderator). You can view the one he did back on June 29 on our website.

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