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When Leadership Hurts

16 November 2012

Sherry Surratt, the president of MOPS has a great post this week on leadership. 

Sometimes leadership hurts.

If you’re the boss or lead a team, it can be lonely. There are days you alone have to make the final call and then stand by it, sometimes to the sound of crickets. Sometimes you get treated differently. You don’t get included in the conversation, because you are the topic of conversation. Your team can look to you for a decision and you get that shaky feeling, wondering  if you have the stuff to make it. It keeps you up at night, causes angst and depletes your reserves. Maybe if we talked about it more, it wouldn’t take us so by surprise when we experience it. The truth is, leadership even in it’s best form, can hurt down deep, in your heart, in your thoughts and in your emotions.

Here’s the deeper part I don’t think we talk about: when leadership hurts, we think we’re doing it wrong.

The point of her article is that…you’re not.  It is a very good article and I look forward to the rest of the series. 

You can find it here.


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