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Remember Me

21 November 2011


The following came from John Maxwell many years ago, but I have tried to share it with my church staff and also with those who greet visitors on Sunday morning.  It is a potent reminder.  JM states that he got this from Pacific Northwest Bell and I ran across it today while looking for something else.

I ‘m the fellow who goes into a restaurant, sits down patiently & waits while the waitresses do everything but take my order.

I ‘m the fellow who goes into a department store and stands quietly while the sales clerks finish their little chit-chat.

I ‘m the fellow who goes into the reception room on time for a business appointment and stands by the reception desk while the receptionist finishes her personal phone call

Yes, you might say I’m a good guy

But do you know who else I am? I’m the fellow who never comes back.

It amuses me to see you spend money every year to try to get me to come back to your company, when I was there in the first place and all you had to do to keep me was to show me a little courtesy.

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2 Comments to “Remember Me”

  1. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? yet we each get wrapped up in our own little world… not God’s world, the world for whom He gave His Son. Been there, done that, Cal. thanks for the reminder.

  2. Andy:
    It’s a good reminder in all sorts of situation.

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