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Keep Yourself Out of the Headlines

17 November 2012

Whether it is for integrity sake, or to simply save yourself in a lawsuit, a church internet policy is critical.

Continuing without an Internet use policy is like being on a long road trip without maintenance checks: everything could be fine, that rattle could be evidence of something more serious, or the motor may be ready to seize. Put maintenance checks and procedures in place now, and help prevent your team from being stranded on the proverbial roadside.

Some may fear that a written Internet use policy might be stifling to your organization, but a good policy shouldn’t be a Draconian Internet-and-computer lockdown. It shouldn’t be only a means to protect your backside, or a vehicle to punish workers. Such measures often do hurt creativity and productivity. Rather, a strong policy should let your staff know boundaries, protect your entire team, and encourage a high standard.

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