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First Two Years Coaching

My third year of my coaching business actually began back in April.  But I have been doing some re-evaluation and re-organizing (more about that later).  In the process, I began to brainstorm what I have helped my clients achieve in my first two years as a coach: 


  • Goal setting
  • Sermon prep schedule
  • Vision casting
  • Staff manual
  • Improve pastoral care
  • Plans for sabbatical
  • Evaluate position in church
  • Staff transition
  • What does it mean to be a spiritual leader/person
  • To help lead elders, staff & leaders effectively
  • Delegation/apprentice
  • Personal spiritual development
  • Respond to negative performance review
  • Improve time management/scheduling
  • Find Home/work balance
  • Grow in leadership skills
  • Grow in leadership confidence
  • Vision development
  • Helped leader decide whether to continue at church/organization or leave
  • Rework weekly evaluation to articulate & execute goals
  • Resolve staff/elders comm- unication/ leadership problems
  • Grow in Self-confidence—know and work on strengths.
  • Rework employee review process
  • Deal with hostile takeover attempt
  • Sermon (public speaking) feedback
  • Ministry evaluation
  • Conflict management
  • Handle critical spirit in church
  • Leadership development
  • Handle contentious people
  • Make decisions about higher education
  • Plan/execute move to another city
  • Institute discipleship programs
  • Personal fitness
  • Whether or not to stay at organization
  • Improve in Interpersonal relationships
  • Build solo-preneur business
  • Finances back in order
  • Plan trip to Europe
  • Fundraising
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Job search
  • Project management at work.
  • Project management at work
  • Finish writing project
  • Counter negative self-talk
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Start up of private business
  • Finish/turn in TV scripts
  • Begin niche-oriented website

I believe, however, that the BEST is yet to come!

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