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A Reflective Paraphrase of Ps. 23:3b-6


Our preacher (Guy Gray) used the following paraphrase of Psalm 23:3b-6 in his sermon on that text last Sunday. I really like it (I don’t know its source, but it possible that Guy wrote it.  He is also a songwriter.):

Listen carefully
No one is immune from dark days
Even if the LORD is your shepherd
God does not promise an easy path
But He does promise to walk with you
On every path of life no matter what
This world is loaded down with evil
There are enemies
God doesn’t remove the evil
Or destroy the enemies
Not yet
We wait for that day
We long for that day
But until then
He gives us what we need to live
In the middle of the darkness, evil, and enemies
He sets up a feast for you
Right here right now
In the presence of your enemies
Believe it
Come to the table


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