Group Coaching: Who Killed Change? (Solving the Mystery of Leading People Through Change

(weekly 1 hour call for 8 weeks)
Every day organizations around the world launch change initiatives—often big, expensive ones—designed to improve the status quo. Yet 50 to 70 percent of these change efforts fail. A few perish suddenly, but many die painful, protracted deaths that drain the organization’s resources, energy and morale.

This group coaching program is an 8-week examination of the material in the book by the same name by Ken Blanchard and John Britt. The calls will not be a regurgitation of the material in the book, but will provide a bit of summary and supplemental information, but the bulk of the group coaching will be 1) Group discussion on the material and how the group members see it as applicable to their situations 2) coaching with group members on problems that they face implementing change in their organization.