I have been doing seminars for over twenty years in a variety of circumstances. In business settings, not-for-profit organizations, leadership workshops, churches, youth conferences, leadership retreats and in college classrooms, it has been my pleasure to teach others to sharpen their skills and reach toward excellence.

I would love to be able to come to your organization and help develop your leaders. There are a multitude of workshops that I have prepared and have ready to share. I have listed SOME of 20150311_105630them below.

In addition, it is also fun for me to take a subject that you need and about which I have expertise, but have never done a seminar and develop a tailor made workshop for your group.


Seminars I have Led and Can Lead:

Leadership/Leadership Development


  • Images of Leadership in the New Testament
  • How to Spot a Leader
  • The Five Greatest Tests a Leader Faces
  • Spiritual Giftedness
  • Regaining Momentum
  • Essential Characteristics of House Leaders (Eight Essentials of Spiritual Pioneers)
  • Gut Theologies of Conflict
  • How Jesus Ministered to Others
  • Listening and Helping Skills for Elders
  • Don’t Dump…Delegate
  • A Leader and His Family Life
  • Factors Which Hinder the Implementation of Leadership
  • Responsibilities of Elders
  • Organization of Church Leadership
  • General George S. Patton’s Principles of Church Leadership
  • General George S. Patton’s Principles of Spiritual Warfare
  • Preparation/Development of New Leaders
  • Leadership is More Than (*)
  • A Leader is a Reader (*)
  • A Leader and His Prayer Life (*)
  • Relationships that Work (*)
  • The Five Greatest Temptations Men Face (*)
  • The Ten Gifts a Dad Can Give (*)
  • Becoming a Good Communicator (*)
  • The Role of Elders in the Bible
  • Restoring a Biblical Eldership & Doing the Right Things Well
  • Servanthood…The Path From Success to Significance (*)
  • A Bold Witness for Christ  (*)
  • The Character of a Great Leader (*)

Workshops Specifically Appropriate to Leadership Boards

Prayer/Spiritual Life

  • The Prayer Life of a Leader
  • Spiritual Mapping (using Tigard, OR as an example)
  • Intro to the Labyrinth


  • Images of the Church in the New Testament
  • The Bible & the Environment
  • Spiritual Giftedness
  • The Passover Seder for Christians (a demonstration presentation)

(*-Adapted from Dan Reiland’s “Joshua’s Men” material)