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The Ten Commandments of iPad Preaching

19 February 2013



I have thoroughly enjoyed my iPad that I have had for about five months. I use it multiple times every day.  There is nothing better to take notes on while listening to a sermon.  But is it the best thing to preach FROM?  I have seen it done well and done poorly.  I have seen it where there was a bit of Apple snobbery about the whole thing.  But I suspect some day I will try to preach from my iPad. It just seems both too handy (and frankly, too cool).

So, along comes ProPreacher.com to give us The Ten Commandments of iPad Preaching

  1. Thou shall turn off notifications.
  2. Thou shall turn off auto-lock.
  3. Thou shall lower the brightness.
  4. Thou shall not draw attention to your iPad.
  5. Thou shall use a PDF reader app for notes.
  6. Thou shall still carry a Bible.
  7. Thou shall make sure the iPad is fully charged.
  8. Thou shall have a backup.
  9. Thou shall not leave your iPad unattended.
  10. Thou shall not have an open beverage next to your iPad.

Brandon at ProPreacher has much more to say about each item on the list.  Check it out here.

Are there commandments that you would add to the list?  (Even though God only came up with 10, it is OK for us to have lists of more than 10!)  Share them below.

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