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Prayers of Hope Card Available

Dear Lord, if these hurting people have not called on You before, may they begin calling on your name right now; may they find You to be their refuge and strength, an ever-present help in their time of trouble (Gen. 4:26; Ps. 46:1).

The Navigators periodically put out prayer cards listing several prayers on a certain topic.  Recently they made available their most recent one “Prayers of Hope for Times of Calamity.”  prayersofhope_Page_1

We have recently seen calamities on a large scale: from earthquakes and nuclear disasters in Japan to tornadoes in Alabama and Joplin, MO.   That is in addition to the human-caused calamities such as murders, abuse & terrorist attacks.

As the card says in its introduction:

Naturally, how you pray will depend on the specific crisis. There are, however, some common denominators that apply to any calamity. Hurting people need hope; they need an eternal perspective; they need others to reach out and care for them; they need to reach out to the Father and trust Him.

I have found these cards helpful in the past & believe you will find this one helpful as well. It is a free download here.

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