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How NOT to Use Powerpoint!

We always need reminders on good and bad techniques if you use PowerPoint (or similar software).  Here is a cute video with some good points.  The camera is really too far away, but you can pick up the points he is making none, the less.

(Thanks Chromey for the link!)


5 Comments to “How NOT to Use Powerpoint!”

  1. Rostamizadeh Family

    This was amazing! I’m going to have to share it with many of my colleagues in graduate school. One of my biggest pet peeves is presentations that are read to me from paragraphs on PowerPoint slides…hehe!

  2. Oh so true Cal. I will always remember these points for my sermons.

  3. Alyse: Let me know how your graduate school buddies like it! You would think that educated people would know…oh well…

    Derek: Good luck! Thanks for chiming in.

  4. I like the title picture.
    Pity that I cannot see the flash. It would be meaningful.

  5. That is great! The sad part is that it is too true. It wouldn't be so funny without all the pain that we've suffered from awful PowerPoints.

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