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Philosophical Musings

I usually try to make this blog very practical.  But Friday I was presented with a little statement (below).  I wrote a 10 minute response and for whatever reason wanted to put it up here.

The past is gone forever
The present is constantly fleeting
The future does not exist.

What is reality?

Oh, how I disagree this this. 

The past is not gone forever. It lives in art work created and buildings built;  it lives in the relationships that have been built in times past.  It lives in the memory of a 95 year old woman remembering when she was a young girl and first fell in love.

The past is perhaps the MOST real of the three because it cannot be changed. It happened and IS.

But the present is also real.  But we too often miss it.  We long for days gone by.  We yearn for the day when things will be different. But we miss The combination of the type of rain (Astoria advertises it has 95 different forms or rain—how many does Portland have?), the temperature, where I am viewing the rain, the state of the objects in my purview will likely never exist again in that specific combination. Let me enjoy the view, smell the freshneess, hear the sound of the rain in THIS part of the city.

No, the present, if you are aware, is eminently real.

And yet the future is also real. What does it mean “to be real?”  Must it mean material existence?  Are hopes not real; do dreams not exist?  Even the very material of the future—rock, sand, water, seed and egg—already are here.  They only await the future to take their new form.

Do past, present, future exist? 

What is life if they don’t?

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2 Comments to “Philosophical Musings”

  1. Well said. I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Here’s what I have come up with for types of precipitation in Portland:
    Light shower-“showers” usually imply of short duration
    Heavy shower
    Thunder storm
    Sun/rain–rain while the sun is shining
    Freezing rain
    Virgo-raindrops that evaporate before hitting the ground

    What do you call that comes down sideways because of high wind? (Blowing rain?)-not in Portland, but had it in Western Kansas.

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