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Change in How We Get into a Sermon

26 November 2007

Ed Stetzer comments that in the new culture in which we find ourselves, how we enter into a biblical text of topic must be approached differently than in the past. Formerly, when it was basically recognized that the Bible was authoritative and normative, you could simply state what the Bible said and urge people to do it, because they believed that what the Bible said was worthy of respect and following. He outlined it this way:

  • 1. The Bible says this.
  • 2. It is important
  • 3. You should do it.

But in a new culture in which the Bible is seen (tragically even among some Christians) as needing to be SHOWN to be authoritative or relevant, we must approach it differently. “For those with no biblical reverence point, the beginning point is often that of relevance. They are asking, ‘Does this have anything to do with my life?’ Or ‘Is it relevant?'”

He suggests the following outline for beginning:

  • 1. Why is this important and how does it relate to me?
  • 2. What does the Bible say about it?
  • 3. What am I going to do with what the Bible says about it?

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