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Alabama Redeems Itself with This!

FCC Anniston ALABAMAYesterday’s disturbing post about the brawl at the New Welcome Missionary Baptist Church may have left a bad taste for Alabama in some people’s mouths.  So, to show that not all Alabama Christians are like those depicted in yesterday’s story, today we have a Christian Church pastor who writes and re-writes hymns to match her sermons by using her pastor friends on Facebook to help her with her poetry.

Rebecca Littlejohn is the pastor of First Christian Church in Anniston, AL. [pictured to the right]. She began by rewriting the words to a hymn of which I had never heard: “Alleluia! Sing to Jesus.”   (I have been known to rewrite the lyrics to especially offensive hymns before too).    From there she has continued to grow and develop as a lyricist, trying to match the hymns more closely with her scripture texts.

Apparently she gets “a little help from [her pastor] friends.”  She posts her draft lyrics onto Facebook. 

“It was a great way to polish them,” she said. “I’m pretty picky, so I wouldn’t send it out there with a bunch of things that wouldn’t work. Plus, I’ve got an informed audience, who can look at what I’m doing and understand my theological point of view. So if there’s a line that doesn’t work, they won’t suggest something that’s off-topic.”

The new lyrics are printed in the Sunday church bulletin and thus far, Littlejohn hasn’t heard any complaints.

You can find the article here.

But my question is “Have you ever rewritten the words to an offensive hymn to make it more theologically palatable?  What was it and how did it go? 

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