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Mosaics are Indeed a Mosaic

26 November 2008

If I am going to blog about 13-14 year old boys, then I better also include stats that might help us preach more effectively to the teens/young adults in our image congregation.  Mosaics are those Americans who were born between 1984-2002. One of my sons fits in this category (1985) and my other son is just on the cusp (1983)—and I see a difference in how they perceive things. Here are characteristics of Mosaics as given by enrichmentjournal.ag.org (via The Foster Letter, 11/25/08).

Americans born between ’84 and ’02, possess the following distinctive generational traits:

  • Eclectic lifestyles: Teens experiment with many activities, making their lifestyles more multifaceted and stressful than ever.
  • Nonlinear thinking styles: Rather than using logic and rationality, teens embrace contradictions and process information in a flexible, adaptable manner.
  • Fluid relationships: Teen friendships are in a constant state of flux; their heroes and role models change regularly; their network of peers is extraordinarily diverse ethnically; and many experience an up-and-down family life.
  • Cut-and-paste values and personalized spirituality: Most embrace moral pragmatism (“whatever works”) and customized spirituality, drawing on many sources to decide ethical dilemmas and to determine spiritual meaning.
  • Open-minded attitudes: Teens are not particularly dogmatic about their views and they give others space to chart their own paths — the same space they want for themselves.
  • Technology-fueled expectations: The Internet and mobile devices drive teens’ information use and much of their connectivity. The Internet in particular represents an ever-changing and broad-ranging collage of input that fuels much of their nonlinear expectations.

Mosaics lifestyles and perspectives are changing the way people live, work, and worship.

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