Limited Time…

With Fall approaching, I want to give you

3 months of Executive Coaching for the price of 3 weeks!

Because fall can be such a busy and demanding time in ministry, I have a really sweet deal for you.

Four Weeks for the Price of One!

If you sign on before September 20 for a  minimum of 3 months of Executive Coaching, I will only ask you to pay the equivalent of 3 weeks coaching!  That is a 75%-off deal for you.

The coaching agenda will depend on you.  Possibilities include:

  • Dealing with unresponsive staff
  • Pornography/Lust
  • Leadership conflicts
  • Loneliness
  • Getting leadership team all on the same page.
  • Decisions about when to move on
  • Staff evaluations
  • Spiritual burnout
  • Time balance
  • Developing vision & keeping it alive
  • Preaching issues
  • Discipleship that really builds disciples
  • Dealing with the competitive nature of churches today
  • Whatever you need to do more excellently

This is a very limited offer–I only can offer a few spots at this price.  And after Sept. 20, it is done.

Call me today and lets talk about how to help you overcome the obstacles and reach the goals that you want to reach.

    Call me today at 503-970-8449

    E-mail me at

I appreciate the value you bring to the service of others across the nation.  This is my way of showing appreciation to you…

Get on the list before the spots all fill up!



The Fine Print:

  • Total investment=$375 ($125 x 3)
  • The sessions include all the benefits I offer to my full-pay clients, including:
    • unlimited e-mail support,
    • one “laser” call a month in addition to the weekly calls,
    • 1/2 off on all group sessions I offer during this 3-month window (and I am planning at least one)
    • one call with your leadership team per quarter (optional), and
    • access to my network of relationships and to the hundreds of resources I have accumulated through the years.
  • Only applies to 3 month contracts (i.e. You cannot contract just to do 1 or 2 months at this price). Why? It takes that long to make important changes permanent in your behavior.  I can really only afford to spend my time working with clients who are going for permanent change.
  • All of the 12  sessions must be used before Jan. 31, 2013.
  • All sessions are done by telephone, Skype or Facetime. (even if you live in Portland).
  • This incredible price does not extend to additional sessions after the 3 months have ended. (“But let’s talk at the end of our 3 months together…”)
  • Only one person per offer (i.e. 2 or more people cannot split up the 12 weeks of coaching).   But I DO have “Buddy Coaching” rates.  If interested about that option, just ask. It really is a cool option.

Offer Expires: Sept 20, 2013