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Leadership: Learnable But Not Teachable?

leadershipI came across this brief little blog post this morning from Jason Seiden.  His main point is that leadership, while able to be learned is not able to be taught, especially in a traditional classroom.


I’m chewing over the ramifications of that.

What do you think?  I’d love your feedback.

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3 Comments to “Leadership: Learnable But Not Teachable?”

  1. Perhaps the “teaching” of leadership happens when a teacher or speaker inspires and/or challenges me to take a next step of growth as a leader. The content that was taught may or may not be related to leadership. Actually I’m not sure that is any different, regardless of the topic or skill. There has to be some kind of partnership between the teacher and the learner. Whether I’m reading a book on leadership, attending a class or seminar, or being coached or mentored, I have to be willing to take a next step. If I’m not ready, it certainly won’t matter what or who is teaching. On the other hand, I’ve made some fairly significant changes in how I lead over the years that I can directly trace back to a lesson or message taught by someone.

  2. Thanks, Larry. Do you think that the lesson or message was an intentional teaching exercise, or was the lesson “caught” because you were willing and ready to take the next step?

    Just wondering…

  3. I think there are times when the message has been an intentional teaching exercise on some aspect of leadership. I would reference some of Pat Lencion’s books and messages as examples. On the other hand I can recall some messages by Charles Cook or Chuck Swindoll which were more inspirational in effect. In both cases, I believe I came away with decisions to make changes in my life that affected the way I have led. It still comes down to my willingness to take a next step.

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