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Let’s STOP Making Christians!

7 November 2008

imageBill Hull in the Disciple-Making Pastor has a good comment on the difference between disciple, convert & Christian: 

[Jesus] did not say, “Make converts,” or “Make Christians.”  Being a convert or a Christian does not necessarily equip reproduction.  Many Christians are spiritually sterile; many don’t take the gospel forward.  When a disciples is made, two good things happen: a disciples is healthy and godly; disciples reproduce themselves, and some become disciple makers, resulting in multiplication.  Therefore, disciples solve the crisis at the heart of the church.  Disciple making creates a quality produce and an effective work force.  This is God’s plan for the church.

For too long we have attempted to make converts.  Once you are a convert, you can stop.  Or we have tried to “make Christians.”  But Christian, culturally defined at least, is a label, not a task.  You can’t get around the word “disciple” without the meaning of follower…someone who is becoming like someone else. 

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