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40 Questions to Ask Any Text of Scripture

3 December 2011

CB064047I belong (and actively participate) in the discussion forums for Logos Bible Software.  They also have a Facebook page.  There are lots of great questions put up in both places. This past week there was a discussion thread that I thought was good. It asked these people who love to study the Bible,  “What questions do you ask as you study Scripture?”

There were 50 comments posted.  Here they are with some duplicates removed  or combined.  I thought that there would be at least 2-3 question that would be helpful for you to ask scripture as you read/study it.  (Some are obviously of more consequence and helpfulness than others!)

1. Joshua Busby Where are the connecting words such as: Therefore, wherefore, etc. (Jeff Shealey What is therefore there for.)

2. Terri Stewart What question is the scripture trying to solve?

3. JoAnn Pigeon Bastien why is it there?

4. Jamol Cooper I try to envision the entire picture of what is truly going on. I try to place myself in the moment.

5. Rob Wagy What is the setting?
What did it mean to that crowd or audience?
What does it look like or mean to me? Do I need to act on something now or future.

6. Shari Worden Ironically, one question I ask myself a lot is, “Am I asking the right questions about this text?”

7. Michael W. Bryant Where was text location and people they are addressing

8. Duane Wade Chauvin Ferguson Clyde Grace Roland Bennett and Andrew Mitchell Howard Hendricks ” Living by the Book” is the blueprint I use for Bible Study( Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and The Most important So What ) Debby Harwell I follow Precept Ministries 5 W’s and an H.. Who, What, Where, When, Why and How…. Then I ask and how does all of this apply to me here, now, in my life?

9. Cubie Finley III What was going on at the time?

10. Bill Zienert ‎1.) What does the text say? 2.) What did the text mean to the people who heard it? (a question of context) 3.) What does the text mean to me and others (consult commentaries, etc.) 4.) What are the “truths” in the text? 5.) How can I apply these truths to my life? 6.) How can I share what I’ve learned?

11. Andrew Norvelle I try to keep it simple, and I ask God to show me what He wants me to see in the passage.

12. Scott F. Marsh and Joshua Busby What did it mean at the time it was written (or spoken)? Then (and only then), what does it mean today? Mihael McCoy What was the Spirit speaking through the text then and what is He speaking through it now?

13. James Stevenson What’s the context? Practical Application?

14. Jason Hopkins In that language, culture and time, what did these words mean? How do I say that in my current context and how would I sign it?

15. Richard Dodson So what?

16. Michael Hollon How can I apply this in my daily life?

17. Jason Horton I’m just starting to take on the original languages, but this will be my approach: What does — each — individual — word — mean in the original language? What is the historical context in which it was written? And how does it relate/compare to other categories of scripture? Does it fit? It should. If not, why not? Because it must reconcile, or a mistake has been made (by me). What are the modern day applications? How can I apply it in my life to glorify my Lord and Savior?

18. Michael D’Urbano Who is the author; who is his audience; what is the context; and how would they have understood what he just said?

19. Nancy A. Almodovar Joe Redmond Where is Christ in this Scripture? Esp. the OT where He is in shadow and type.

20. Stephen Legg ‎”Wait…what?!”

21. Myric McBain If we begin by asking ourselves. “What does this mean to me?”, then we’ve missed the myriad of questions we have to solve before we get to that question.

22. Mark Sequeira historical/cultural setting and how it would be understood by it’s first-century hearers.

23. Mark Sequeira Most important as it was originally written to a specific audience, and then also, to us.

24. Rc Clyde What does that word mean?

25. Jeff Benjamin Context, context, context.

26. Matthew Osterlund I know I’ve read this before, but I don’t remember reading that!!

27.  Who, What, When , Where, Why, How, and So what?

28. Daniel Thompson I ask: What’s there? What does it mean? What does it matter? What does it mean for me? What does it mean for us?

29. Richard Lyall Now where is Obadiah again?

30. Jeremy Oliver Why? How does this fit in the larger context of the book? How does this contribute to overall theology?

31. Bobby Valentine How can I trust any version of the Bible that is published by a company owned by Rupert Murdock, or anything to do with the Rothschild’s or Rockefeller’s?! Then I wonder what my options for trustworthy Scripture are.

32. Allan R Wentt Jr. First we must ask what was God’s original intent. This is usually found in Genesis. Then we must ask how does the particular scripture we’re reading relate to Jesus. Finally we should ask how does this apply to me and my ministry through Christ. Let me also say that I always begin bible study with prayer asking that the Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me into all Truth.

33. Bruce Gentry Where does the actual text begin and end?

34. Stuart Jonker What does this say, and why do I need to know it!

35. Chuck Fisher How does this reveal Christ or make the Salvation message even more amazing as I see unfold time and again.

36. Aaron Cooley What did the text mean to the original audience?
What are the differences between them and us?
What is the theological principle?
How do we apply that principle?

37. Andy Barnard What does God get out of this?

38. Catherine Hardy What does it say about God? what does it say about Jesus? What does it say about the Holy Spirit?

39. Rocky Whitely Jr Ultimately I ask: what does God mean with the words He chose to reveal His will? It is too easy to take His words completely out of biblical context & apply them in my world in ways God never intended.

40. John Lawless Who wrote it? What people group was the target audience? What methodology was used to construct the passage? What writings exist to support or deny the concept of the passage?


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