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Hunker Down or Dream It’s your call.

26 January 2009

imageThe 7 Steps to Hunkering Down:
1. Stay scared. Call it “street smart.”
2. Cultivate cynicism. Call it “straight talk.”
3. Praise pessimism. Call it a “reality check.”
4. Believe you are wiser than everyone else.
5. Feel secretly superior.
6. Take no action that might improve your condition.
7. Crow “I told you so” when things get worse.

Or The 7 Steps to Pursuing Your Dream:
1. Know what you’re trying to make happen.
2. Expect good things to happen for you.
3. Plant seeds of good things daily.
4. Trust that some of your seeds will grow.
5. Measure success by your own criteria.
6. Make progress daily without fail.
7. Believe in the power of the Exponential Little Bits.

(Monday Morning Memo from Wizard of Ads 1/19/09)

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    Amazing material! 🙂

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