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Just wondering…

The Huffington Post today published an editorial, “I Believe: An Atheists ‘World View’”  by Edward Falzon.

It lays out six “beliefs”.  At the end it bashes Christianity.  Fair enough. It’s a free country…. But, the six beliefs upon which the article is based puzzle me.

Just some random thoughts:
1. “I believe in absolute and unconditional equality amongst all people.” 

Fine, but upon what do you base that belief?  (Who says all people are equal?)  Why should I accept that belief?  As a Christian I believe that “all are equal” based on their equal creation by the Creator.  I don’t see any other foundation upon which the basis of absolute equality can be maintained.  While Christianity is certainly not guiltless in this realm, other philosophies have led to the Holocaust and “killing fields”.

2.  “I believe that the right of people to live in a manner of their choosing, self-evidently excludes any right to prevent others from living how they choose.” 

Fine, but if (as you state) some are allowed to live lives as they choose and others are limited in how they will live their lives, who will do the choosing of who is allowed to live their life in a manner of their choosing?  Why should it be you?

3. “I believe children’s wide-eyed wonder and inquisitiveness should never be stifled.”

Fine, but what if my child desires to “to explore, to experiment, to make mistakes, to make a mess, to get it wrong” in the middle of the freeway; by drinking bleach; by playing with the pedophile neighbor?

4. “I believe that we should all be educated in several broad subjects: literature, mathematics, logic, morality, science and the scientific method.” 

Fine, but who gets to choose those subjects?  Who gets to choose why some (religion) are excluded?  Why should it be you?

5. “I believe that young children need to be protected from religious indoctrination disguised as education.”

Fine, but this seems totally contrary to #3: “I believe children’s wide-eyed wonder and inquisitiveness should never be stifled.”  Again, why should you be given the right to be the sole protector of children?

6. “I believe that mankind should never stop pursuing all avenues of exploration and discovery. No ideology or political movement should hinder or discourage asking questions about the world around us.” 

Fine, but why should the ideology of atheism be allowed to hinder exploration about the existence of God or the place of spirituality in human existence as stated in your above “beliefs”?

Just wondering…

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