I have had the privilege of authoring several books.  Four of them have been published by Pacesetter Publishing:

The Teachable Journey

(Now available!)


Are you teachable?

What does it mean to be teachable?
Are there barriers that keep you and me from being teachable?
Are there practices we can employ to enhance our ability to be teachable?
Why do some leaders seem to be less teachable than others, when in fact it is an essential skill for success as a leader?

Cal Habig relates parts of his own journey towards becoming more teachable. He addresses these questions and more from both a Biblical perspective as well as with a view towards practical application.

Paperback $14.99

Kindle  $5.99



It Rises and Falls on Leadership

It Rises and Falls

Leadership guru John Maxwell is famous for saying “Everything rises and falls on Leadership.”

And that is true. But too many times the lay leaders (specifically elders) in our churches are ill equipped in leadership.

This book begins with an historical review of how elders have been trained, using the Stone-Campbell movement as an example. Habig then moves on to review dozens of leadership development programs and ends by proposing a comprehensive one that is immediately adaptable into any church.



Paperback 9.49

Kindle $5.99


The Preacher’s Quotebook Workbook



A workbook which presents over 50 classic quotes on preaching and provides questions, reflections and space for the reader to think through his/her philosophy and practice of preaching.



Paperback $7.59

Kindle  $3.99



Devote Yourself to the Public Reading of Scripture


Terrified by the prospect of reading scripture in front of a large worship service or a small Bible study? Do you have lay men and women who read scripture as a part of the worship service, but you shudder every time they proceed to the lectern?

This short little book gives a variety of excellent suggestions to help readers (both new and experienced) make their public reading of scripture not just less terrifying, but also a true worship experience for all who hear.


Paperback (not yet available)

Kindle  $2.99