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Results-Driven Coaching for Values-Driven Leaders

Cal helps leaders of small businesses and non-profit organizations  to develop the strategies, structures and skills that increase their bottom line while at the same time functioning in harmony with their highest spiritual values. 

Listen to what some of Cal’s recent clients have said:

  • “Working with Cal helped me to break through and make progress towards my goal. I enjoyed Cal’s supportive yet firm approach in helping me to find creative ways to overcome blocks. (Seattle, WA)


  • Coach Cal was an awesome confidant, support, and, at times, a needed challenger for me during our coaching sessions together. Cal was effective in providing me the space to process my work and roles in ministry and to be proactive in setting goals and attending to what was most needed in my challenges and growth opportunities. I was encouraged and my ministry and leadership was improved by my time with Cal. Thank you Cal for a fruitful time together! (Sherwood, OR)


  • [Cal] helped me think about situations in new ways, used tools that were helpful and was always open to feedback on his coaching. I would highly recommend Cal Habig for coaching. (New York, NY)


  • “Cal helped me have greater clarity in understanding who my audience was.  I didn’t think we could do that in such a short amount of time!” (Portland, OR)


  • The group dynamic of “Who Killed Change” was very beneficial in helping me to process current changes we are currently undertaking in our church as well as a blueprint for future desired change. I greatly enjoyed the iron – sharpens – iron dynamic of our conversations as well as Cal’s skilled facilitation of the group.” (Portland, OR)


  • [Cal] has opened many doors inside my head. He has challenged me over & over to stretch out my mind to reach previously unseen opportunities.” (Lake Oswego, OR)


  • [Cal] gives me a perspective that I sometimes may need to break the cultural boundary to probe deeper instead of just taking words at face values. In addition, he gives me valuable insights on how to be a more effective coach in terms of building rapport in a shorter time with the coachees. (Hong Kong, China)


  • Cal helped [us] focus, prioritize and enhance [our] self confidence. Cal truly cares both for the individual and the corporate objective.  (Tigard, OR)


  • Coach Cal is an insightful, experienced, and adept coach who brings his life experience to the coaching relationship in a way that adds maturity, patience and order to the overarching space created by coach and client. From this foundation, his flexible, easy nature allows for whatever the client needs to show-up with during the session and be assured that it will be dealt with in a direct and focused manner until the client feels relieved that the issue has either moved forward a step or two or is resolved completely. (Loveland, CO)


 Book a 60-min. Preview Consultation with Cal today! (Click on this link)


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