What Cal Does

I help leaders of small businesses and non-profit organizations  to develop the strategies, 2014_06_14_camping_Winema (31)E2 copystructures and skills that increase their bottom line while at the same time functioning in harmony with their highest spiritual values. 

Together we use the tools of coaching to accomplish that by

  • Using specific tools for strategic planning.
  • Developing the interpersonal skills to enable the staff to work together productively and the staff to work with the businesses’ clients/customers.
  • To help the leader intentionally step away regularly to look at the business from the “helicopter perspective” to evaluate progress and any needed changes.
  • Through all of this, the cycle of specific targets and accountability are constant themes.
  • To help the leader identify both his/her actual values as well as his aspirational  values and strategize ways to bring her business in line with those values.

In addition to one-on-one coaching and consulting, I provide & use a variety of resources:

  • Resources related to leadership (some written by me, some written by others)
  • Seminars for organizations (See the link to the Seminars page above)
  • Group coaching programs
  • Staff group coaching programs



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